Cut the chemicals – lawn rakers will really help your lawn look good

If you want your lawn to look its best then you need to ensure that the grass plants themselves are as healthy as they can be and are not competing for nutrients with other plant species.

Now if you’re nodding and thinking “Yep, that’s why I put weed and feed on my lawn” then you’re wrong.

Yes, wrong.

Why ?

Because no matter how good your lawn mower is at collecting the cuttings, over time a layer of thatch builds up on your lawn just above the surface of the soil.  This is particularly the case for mulching lawn mowers.

This thick layer traps moisture and leads to a lawn that it always damp and spongy.  Moss loves conditions like this and so will run riot spreading its way through the lawn holding more and moisture and out-competing the grass.

Weed and feed will certainly kill of the moss but what it won’t do is get to the, er, root of the problem – the thatch.  The only thing to do with this is to remove it either manually by raking it or by using a lawn raker.

We’re all for an easy

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One benefit of the warmer than average temperatures that we’ve been experiencing for the last three weeks or so is that our lawns have almost stopped growing.  We’ve certainly noticed that the amount of cuttings that we’ve taken off have fallen by around 50%.

However, the weather is set to cool over the next few days and weeks with the return of more traditional British summer weather.  Yep, you guessed it – rain is set to return.

As soon as it starts raining our lawns will begin to grow at a fantastic rate so, if you’re mower isn’t in tip top condition, now’s the time to give it a clean and service.  We wrote a step by step article detailing exactly how look after your petrol lawnmower a few months ago which may be useful.

And if your mower is on it’s last legs, perhaps it’s time to look for a new one. We’ve just heard of a couple of 

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How to look after your petrol lawnmower

Having invested potentially several hundred pounds in your new petrol lawnmower it makes sense to look after it. It may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how few people actually bother to look after their investment.

Regularly maintenance of your petrol lawnmower

Before using your mower, check the oil level as the oil is responsible for lubricating the engine. Too little oil and you could be looking at a permanently damaged engine. Most mowers have a built-in dipstick for just this purpose which makes checking the oil level easy. Just remember to do it on a level surface and not on a slope. Always replace or top up the engine oil with the same type – normal car engine oil is not sufficient and could cause damage if used.

When you’ve finished cutting your grass, before sitting back and admiring your handywork, spare a few minutes to care for your petrol lawnmower.  At the very least, after every cut you should clean the underside, the blade, the grass collecting chute, the chassis

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